The 519 Podcast

Phones, Crypto, and Romances: The New Era of Scams

April 14, 2022

During the last two years, there have been two things that Canadians could count on: the next wave of COVID-19, and being potential targets of scammers and fraudsters. 
The calls and texts can come once a day, maybe twice, or they could be scattered across weeks. But they always come. 
Fraudulent phone calls are out of control, and it’s no surprise that they’ve been costing Canadian’s millions of dollars.
And while the phone call scams have been growing, so has the creativity of the fraudsters.
We are now in the digital age of frauds and scams, which means potential problems are coming at us at home and at work - and millions of dollars have been lost.

This episode of the 519 Podcast looks at the variety of scams and how you can protect yourself. 

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